Music — Barry Goldberg — Soothe Me (Savage Beast Edit)

Update : This track is now avail­able as part of the Arke­ol­ogy : Vol­ume 1 com­pi­la­tion on Bandcamp.

I found Barry Goldberg’s self-titled album (pro­duced by Bob Dylan and Jerry Wexler!) ran­domly a few months ago. It’s got a lot of good stuff going on. This track par­tic­u­larly caught my ear and demanded a lit­tle re-rub action.

The whole thing sort of fell together on it’s own, actu­ally. I had been build­ing a ses­sion in Able­ton Live for manip­u­lat­ing a bunch of vin­tage jazz and space-funk, try­ing to cre­ate an on-the-fly re-edit playlist. “Soothe Me” fell into line so well with the baeleric disco thing that it got it’s own session.

I used a bunch of Kon­takt instru­ments to get this where it is now. The bass, claves, gui­tar, and organ are all Kon­takt. I used vari­able side-chain com­pres­sion to get the track to fit with a new, punchier, kick / snare. One of the big chal­lenges was mar­ry­ing the dis­tinct vin­tage pro­duc­tion of the orig­i­nal with some­thing more mod­ern, but a bit of cre­ative com­pres­sion and EQ helped a lot.

So here ya go : a disco-slow-jam re-work of a 1974 “classic”.

Check out the orig­i­nal “Soothe Me” on Youtube

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