Video — Meeblip

After get­ting over the fact that my boyfriend and I got each other the *exact same thing* this year for Christ­mas, we got to putting them together and play­ing around with them. Which was awe­some because they were Mee­blip DIY Syn­the­sizer kits. This lit­tle 16bit dig­i­tal synth kit is super easy to put together, and really fun to play. Here’s a short video I put together doc­u­ment­ing the build and some of the sounds it’s capa­ble of :

What is the Mee­blip good at doing? I would say it excels at cer­tain kinds of bass sounds (like the two-tone elec­tro bass in the video above), noise runs, and even can pull off a decent wub­wub. The LFO is great to play with when routed to the filter.

That said, I wish it had a lit­tle more range. The fil­ter can be hard to dial in, it wont self-oscillate, and the enve­lope is really tricky to get *just* right. It’s hard to get a good dis­torted Acid bassline out of this thing, for instance.

That said, for 100 bucks and a lit­tle hard work, the Mee­blip is a won­der­ful lit­tle piece of kit. I had as much fun build­ing it as I have play­ing it, and I’m not really one to get off on sol­der­ing. It’s opened the door to other pos­si­bil­i­ties in terms of DIY synth build­ing (808 clones and PAIA Fat­man, watch out), which in itself is a great gift.

More info here : meeblip.noisepages.com

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