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Find Me — CG Music Video

For the last few months I’ve been work­ing on a music video for a track off my ‘Find Me EP’ from 2012. It’s been an incred­i­ble amount of (mostly fun) work, and I’m happy to say it’s finally done. [full screen + hd recommended!]

The music was cre­ated using Able­ton Live, and the video was cre­ated using Cin­ema 4D 3d ani­ma­tion soft­ware… I think our power bill actu­ally went up due to all the ren­der­ing that mul­ti­ple com­put­ers were doing over the last few months.
I learned so much over the course of mak­ing this video. There are some spe­cific resources I’d like to point out in case any­one read­ing this is get­ting into C4D and wants awe­some teach­ers. The inter­net is full of answers for motion graph­ics ques­tions, and the C4d com­mu­nity seems always happy to help :
Dig­i­tal Sandwitch.net : http://www.digitalsandwich.net/
Any­ways, hope you enjoy. If you want the song, you can get the EP here for free : http://soundvision.bandcamp.com/album/find-me-ep

New Release — Find Me EP

I’ve released a 3 song EP, enti­tled Find Me, for free on Band­camp. A lit­tle Drum & Bass, a pinch of Trap and 808 Down­tempo. I pulled vocal duties on the title track, and Sarah Har­ri­son pro­vided the spo­ken word bits on the sec­ond. She was very nice in let­ting me use sam­ples from her piece Tourist, which reminded me very much of old Underworld-style vocals.

The Find Me EP is avail­able free on Band­camp.