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Holdong Still

Video — Holdon (Music Video)

Offi­cial video for ‘Holdon’ from the album Psy­chic Realty Roll : Direc­tor, Pro­ducer, Edi­tor, Graph­ics, Sound Tools used : Canon 60d / 5d Mk ii. Olym­pus EP-2. Res­ol­ume + Pro­jec­tor + Smoke Machine + Liv­ing Room / Bath­room. Edited in Pre­miere With help from / costar­ring Brian Mar­tin Get Psy­chic Realty here : https://soundvision.bandcamp.com/album/psychic-realty


New Album — Psychic Realty, Now Available

Psy­chic Realty is a bois­ter­ous pop album fea­tur­ing 13 brand new songs. This album is avail­able for what­ever you want to pay over at Band­camp. Full down­load of the album get’s you the bonus track, “Mid­night”. Thanks, and happy listening.

OP-1 Jam Art

Still Kickin’

— Quiet and busy as we get deeper into the cold part of the year. Been work­ing hard on some new music. Feels good. Until I’ve got some­thing fin­ished to share, here’s a lit­tle OP-1 jam from a few weeks ago.

In Control Kitchen Sync-3-3d-1000x1000

New Album — In Control

I’m very proud to announce the release of a new full length album, In Con­trol. In Con­trol is an hour-long seam­less mix of orig­i­nal house-centric dance music. It began life as many dif­fer­ent tracks, pro­duced at dif­fer­ent inter­vals through­out the last 5 years. Ear­lier this year I scoured my projects archive to stem every­thing out for live per­for­mance, and spent…