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New Album — Pluralism [OP1 + Ableton]

Plu­ral­ism is a col­lec­tion of songs con­ceived / recorded on the Teenage Engi­neer­ing OP-1 dig­i­tal syn­the­sizer and mixed / pol­ished in Able­ton Live. It’s a mar­riage of lo-fi impro­vi­sa­tion, 4-track over­dub record­ing, mod­ern pro­duc­tion trick­ery, and old fash­ion engi­neer­ing. A digest of exalted mistakes.

OP-1 users can down­load an archive of (almost) all the pre­sets used in the con­cep­tion of this album here.
Plu­ral­ism is avail­able absolutely free on the [sound+vision] Band­camp page, and comes with a free bonus high-res wall­pa­per for your com­puter desk­top. Get it here : http://soundvision.bandcamp.com/album/pluralism.