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Still Kickin’

Quiet and busy as we get deeper into the cold part of the year. Been work­ing hard on some new music. Feels good! Until I’ve got some­thing fin­ished to share, here’s a lit­tle OP-1 jam from a few weeks ago :

Find Me — CG Music Video

For the last few months I’ve been work­ing on a music video for a track off my ‘Find Me EP’ from 2012. It’s been an incred­i­ble amount of (mostly fun) work, and I’m happy to say it’s finally done. [full screen + hd recommended!]

The music was cre­ated using Able­ton Live, and the video was cre­ated using Cin­ema 4D 3d ani­ma­tion soft­ware… I think our power bill actu­ally went up due to all the ren­der­ing that mul­ti­ple com­put­ers were doing over the last few months.
I learned so much over the course of mak­ing this video. There are some spe­cific resources I’d like to point out in case any­one read­ing this is get­ting into C4D and wants awe­some teach­ers. The inter­net is full of answers for motion graph­ics ques­tions, and the C4d com­mu­nity seems always happy to help :
Dig­i­tal Sandwitch.net : http://www.digitalsandwich.net/
Any­ways, hope you enjoy. If you want the song, you can get the EP here for free : http://soundvision.bandcamp.com/album/find-me-ep

Working on a Music Video

For the last month I’ve dived head­first back into Cin­ema 4D with the inten­tion of mak­ing a music video for one of my tracks. It’s been a pretty inter­est­ing expe­ri­ence, first re-learning the stuff I learned a few years ago and then count­less waves of new stuff as ideas came up. This pro­gram is truly amaz­ing in it’s capa­bil­i­ties, and it blows my mind that a com­pany like Maxon (or any of the big 3D com­pa­nies for that mat­ter) can just go and make a tool that lets you basi­cally model real­ity. And unre­al­ity. And pretty much what­ever you want. That, and the com­mu­nity for this prod­uct is incred­i­bly help­ful when you have a ques­tion, which is awesome.

I’ll be work­ing on this for another month or so, at least, but for now please have some stills. I’ve been aim­ing for a com­bi­na­tion of biol­ogy / tech­nol­ogy / and musi­cal devices in var­i­ous states of unrest. Good times!


Speaker Explode 01 500fps-0022

Petri Dishes 01-0016

Orchid 03-0091

Hard Drive 01-0021

Performing with Ableton (Part 1)

I spent the last few months get­ting together a live PA of some of my tracks and recently got around to record­ing some video per­for­mances. This is some­thing I’ve been mean­ing to do for­ever, and even though it was a lot of work, it was def­i­nitely worth it.

Using a method out­lined by Tom Cosm, I exported all my tracks into 8 stems (Kick, Drums, Bass, Synths, Leads, Pads, Vox, FX). I chopped up every­thing into log­i­cal sec­tions and pasted it into Ses­sion view in Live. From there I refined the sec­tions, adding oppor­tu­ni­ties for more live per­for­mance and switch­ing things up on the fly. Some tracks are very free-form in that they can be per­formed how­ever I want at the time. Oth­ers are more rigid and give an oppor­tu­nity to breathe a lit­tle dur­ing the set. It’s def­i­nitely dif­fer­ent than DJing : you have to really pay atten­tion and can’t take a break to chat with peo­ple while you’re play­ing. That’s OK with me.

live set 01a

The Launch­pad obvi­ously takes the helm in terms of launch­ing clips and sec­tions, while I ded­i­cated a Behringer BCR2000 to mix­ing and effects. It’s fully cus­tom map­ping on the Behringer, as I didn’t feel the Automap pre­set in Live really did what I wanted (as usual, it seems).

Each chan­nel was a cou­ple basic send effects of reverb and delay. Then there are a few rack devices that are mapped ver­ti­cally for each chan­nel on the Behringer, with the excep­tion of Kick and Bass which don’t really need a lot of man­gling dur­ing a set. The FX racks are basi­cally a heav­ily mod­i­fied ver­sion of the 8 Knobs Effect from 4liveme plus some odds and ends from the Aurex MFX racks. There’s also a cus­tom glitch rack I made that increases stut­ter while decreas­ing tonal­ity. It works great on drums.

live set 01b

The top row of the BCR2000 han­dle the effects for Synths, Leads, Pads, and Vox using the bank selec­tion but­tons. This gives me instant con­trol over the major ele­ments of each song. The BCR is great because the top knobs are actu­ally also push but­tons. You have a huge array of options at your hands when it comes to map­ping effects.

That’s about it! It’s a giant work in progress, but because it’s so mod­u­lar I can really mess around with it and move stuff around with­out fear. The few times I’ve used it to play out have been really fun. Another per­for­mance below :